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In India, it has been seen that women empowerment initiatives have backfired on women itself especially those women who are NOT married or who don’t have any affair with any boy, because women relatives of a husband feel the heat of this so called women empowerment in India and these women are behind bars just because of their blood relation with a dreaded criminal of India who is often referred to as husband in common parlance.


This dreaded criminal named “husband” is so much draconian that laws are made to keep him behind bars. If he is a NRI husband then his career will be eaten away by these so called women centric laws in India and these non resident Indian husbands start searching for some purush aayog helpline number but all in vain as he often comes across some lawyers in the garb of NGO’s or some commission agents of these NGO’s forming their own NGO to dupe these men and get them referred to lawyers / advocates of their choice and thereby earning commissions from such unethical lawyers for referring them clients.


These lawyers now want to recover money which has been paid as commission to these so called commission agents Men NGO MRA’s in Delhi or anywhere in entire India and people start getting depressed as they contacted purush aayog but they were made to contest false cases by putting these false cases into trial which is a wrong strategy as the right strategy is to “Close False Cases Without Going to Court” but these lawyers will never allow the husband to settle these cases by guiding him fighting tactics.


These lawyers do NOT allow challenging of the charge sheet or FIR by the husband and then they again misguide these husbands in asking them to let the court frame charges against him and his family but as per purush aayog for nri this is a wrong strategy as NOT allowing a court to frame false charges against a Non Resident Indian husband is relatively easier strategy and NOT dependent upon the judge/MM’s whims and fancies to reject like Discharge after charge framing is concerned, but these strategies are never suggested, guided or implemented and enforced in the case of a NRI husband due to which such NRI husbands who were searching for purush aayog for non resident Indians gets depressed and they get ready to pay hefty settlement amount but atur chatur never allows husbands to settle these false cases by paying any amount, because a false case can be closed within FIR or CS stage itself, so why to let the false charges be framed against you.


Husband must NOT allow the false 498a related cases/ FIR to be put into trial and for this he may contact purush aayog delhi as this team purush aayog from Delhi certainly helps them file counter cases against wife and her witnesses including her own advocate who also happens to be the vexatious plaint writer so why to leave him.


Similarly, any police or investigating officer demanding money from a husband or his relatives to remove their names must be reported or bring into kind attention of purush aayog address in delhi so that correct strategy may be adopted to eat away the government job of this policeman and these men must also believe that even human rights of men in India are guaranteed and more stronger than the equality laws or other related constitutional or fundamental rights of men, so a husband and even a Non Resident Indian husband must immediately get in touch with purush aayog to protect rights of men so that the human rights and other rights of a men and their relatives may kindly be invoked after implementation and enforceability of LTR with assistance of purush aayog team at the social stigma link as these false cases are nothing but a blot or SOCIAL STIGMA on the life and career of a husband and this must be nip it in the bud using band-aid approach by a husband so that these false cases’ wound doesn’t turn into a scar or irrepairable wound in future, hence purush helpline in delhi may guide men in closing these false cases with the help of Lego-Technical Representation.


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Call:        9873540498

Email:     aturchatur@yahoo.com